ЛАНДШАФТ ПРОЕКТ ООД е фирма за озеленяване и ландшафтна архитектура. Тя е създадена за да осигури на клиентите си пълен спектър от ландшафтно архитектурни дейности, като акцентира върху елементите от креативния дизайн, ландшафтната екология и развитието на културният ландшафт. С всеки наш проект за озеленяване ние се стараем да обогатим съществуващият ландшафт, създавайки вълнуваща среда за отдих, запазвайки и подчертавайки природните дадености.  В нашите проекти ние се стремим да удовлетворим очакванията на клиента с уникален дизайн, съобразен със средата.

Целите на ЛАНДШАФТ ПРОЕКТ ООД са да проучват и анализират възможностите за създаване на вълнуващи ландшафти, възползвайки се от даденостите и условията на средата, съобразно очакванията на клиента.

Работата ни както в България, така и в чужбина допринася за създаването на уникален дизайн, съчетаващ мнго култури и етноси в себе си.  Разнобразният персона от професионалисти включва експерти, които успяват да създават уникален дизайн, доразвиващ работата на останалите специалисти като архитекти, геодезисти и инженери.  

 Vesselin Rangelov  is a principal of the firm. He has received his Master of Landscape Architecture degree from University of Forestry , Sofia, Bulgaria.  Extensive world travel contributes to his broad perspective, informed by multiple cultures. A varied personal and professional resume includes expertise gained while working on the job and in the studio with architects, builders and trades-people. 
Mr. Rangelov hold landscape architectural registrations, and licence from the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.
His experience in coastal and freshwater wetland regulatory requirements has enabled clients to readily move projects through the permitting process.

The firm's range of project experience includes community and land use planning, residential, commercial and municipal site design, streetscape enhancement design, park and recreational design, landscape master planning, cultural landscape analysis, historic preservation and wetland mitigation/restoration projects.

Landscape Architecture Services include:
•  residential and commercial designs
•  master plans and planting plans
•  renderings and concept sketches
•  construction documents
•  construction administration
•  landscape maintenance programs
Landscape Ecology Services include:
•  open space planning
•  environmental and scenic assessments
•  recreational trails and greenway plans
•  natural resources conservation plans
•  conservation subdivision planning and design
•  wetland restoration and management plans

Cultural Landscape Preservation: A cultural landscape is a geographic area that includes both cultural and natural resources associated with a historic event, activity, or person. Services that focus on cultural landscape preservation include:
  cultural landscape reports
  adaptive reuse or restoration plans for historic properties
  cultural resource preservation master plans
  National register nominations

With an attention to detail, our firm utilizes computer technology along with well-drafted hand renderings to provide designs that are carefully and efficiently prepared. Each project is developed using the approach most suited towards providing results that are sensitive to client goals, budget and schedule.

Usual questions:

Q:  Can we fax our designs?
A:  No. We need the designs in electronic file format.
Q:  What file format do our drawings have to be in?
A:  We prefer in dwg. Similarly we can receive material images as tiff or jpg.
Q:  How do we get the information to you?
A:  We contact your architect and they either send to us by e-mail, by ftp or by post on a CD-ROM. Alternatively we collect from you or your architect.

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